Why I Need a Staycation

It’s really hard to talk about needs. I just joined up with World Help as a blogger, so you can bet I’ll soon be talking about actual needs shortly.

For the present moment, lost in the world of hyperbole and first world problems, I need a staycation. NEED. Preferably at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. I could use a lot of descriptive words to tell you why, but since pictures are (allegedly) worth 1,000 words, here are 5,000 words on why I need a staycation. (Ps- Staycation= overnight stay vacation.)

why I need a staycationOnce upon a March, we started a kitchen renovation. We are 85% done! And have been stuck on that 85% for six months. Who needs a windowsill?

DSC_0109That last 15% means we have just your average amount of clutter. Like drawers in our living room. (Better literal drawers than underwear drawers, though–can I get an Amen?) You can also catch a glimpse of a rare beast: my novel. Also 85% done!

Why is everything 85% done, you may ask?

DSC_0033Something like two ninjas and a four-month old.  A tornado of awesome and lovely mess-makers. (And in Cooper’s case, shirt-eaters.) They help with things like…

DSC_0101Making beds.

DSC_0099And cleaning up after meal time.

At the end of the day, I just want to dive into my nice, comfortable, clutter-free bed for a great rest. (Clearly, the kids learned to make their beds from me…)


As you can see, our nest lately is not quite a source of retreat. More like a place I need a retreat FROM. Oh, and did I mention that we have some leaky pipes?

Nothing says relaxation like a 4-foot hole in the ground outside your master bedroom. In fact, we’re thinking of sleeping down there tonight. We’ll call it…CAVING! Our kids will never know the difference.

Actually, now that I think of it, with all this, why would we need a staycation? We don’t need an oasis waterscape…

…S’mores roasted over a fire…

…or fresh and clean accommodations WHERE I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE THE BED AND IT’S OKAY. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Don’t worry–I’ll be happy here with my 85%. And if you need me, I’ll be in the yard-hole.

This post is an entry to win a staycation at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, via the Blog Elevated Conference. Man, that place looks amazing!


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