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small steps to grow your blog

  I've joined The Nester's insanity of 31 Days. It's insane because that's a lot of days, but also because I'm writing other content as well. This will be a BUSY MONTH. But, as I promised in my intro post (did you miss it? Click HERE), these will be small posts with small changes. Here is today's small step:   I know it might seem a little strange and have NOTHING to do with growing your own blog to follow another person's blog. Trust me. There are a ton of great reasons … Read More

How to Grow Your Blog

I love this crazy group of supporters!

In what is a totally bold and insane move, I've decided to join the Nester's 31 Days Link-Up. Consider this your kickoff to 31 Small Ways to Grow Your Blog. This post is massive, but it's an intro. The next 30 days will have 1 small and actionable change a day to help you grow your blog. Most will take 10-15 minutes, tops. That sounds doable, right? Join me! This post will be the mast-head and each day I will have a small post with one small step on how to grow your blog. I am still reeling … Read More

Champagne Cupcakes

Creamy, light, and a bit of zing! Champagne cupcakes with ginger-orange frosting and candied ginger & orange peels.

I love champagne. It's one of my favorite favorite things. I'm not sure exactly why, but something about the bubbles. I saw a great sale the other day when I was picking up milk at the store (and you know I love a sale!), so I snagged a bottle. Rob doesn't like it and I don't drink THAT much, so I needed to find something else to do with it. This weekend at Blog Elevated, Imperial Sugar was a sponsor and I had to walk by their table every time I went anywhere in the conference. Do you follow … Read More

Goodbye, Shemar Moore.

Saying goodbye to TV means saying hello to bigger, better things.

This weekend I went to Blog Elevated for the second time. You might think that going to the same conference twice you might not learn anything. You'd be wrong. New speakers, new sessions, new bloggers to meet---I am so overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts and new knowledge. If you're a reader of my weekly email, I compared my thoughts to seagulls when someone is throwing their leftover lunch at them. My thoughts are many. They are frenzied. They are whipping around and biting one another and … Read More

After-School Snackin’ with Arla Dofino Cheese

Arla Dofino #havartiparty

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Arla Dofino. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. I don't know why, but my kids announce they are starving about every hour. Usually my response is: "NO. You. Just. Ate." Because the reality is that they will eat a hearty breakfast (and by hearty I mean eggs + cereal + a cereal bar + fruit) and then an hour later say they are starving. … Read More

This Week in Beauty [Plus Giveaway!]

cooper chalk

This week should have been easier than the one before. We weren't in the hospital with a baby, for one thing. Things were back to "normal," but is there EVER a normal with four kids? I'm beginning to think the only thing normal is noise and chaos. So far I think I'm failing at celebrating the chaos or even rolling with it. I'm kind of a mess, y'all. The other day I realized I hadn't showered in I don't know how long. I was scrubbing out the bathtub and I thought to myself: If I were a bathtub, … Read More

Pork Schnitzel with Smithfield All Natural Pork

Pork Schnitzel with Smithfield All Natural Pork

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Smithfield, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #GoAllNatural I really thought that back-to-school would help our whole family get back on schedule and bring some order to our lives. Ha! I'm beginning to realize that with four kids, chaos and loudness IS our order. That is the new normal. This means that making dinner is like trying to cook with wild dogs biting at … Read More

Celebrating Friends (and Giving Away an iPad Mini!)

Enter to win an iPad Mini! One winner will win a 16 gig iPad mini - keep it or save it for an early Christmas present!!!

About a year ago at this time, a few things happened. 1. I got my period. I know. This isn't the kind of thing you're supposed to write online. But it's important because I was suddenly like, "Oh no! I can get pregnant! So much earlier than this happened after having the boys!" This is significant because, well, I now have another baby. THAT'S how that happens, people. 2. I went to my first blogging conference. I'm going to Blog Elevated again this upcoming week and cannot wait! It was a … Read More

#BlogFilmFood: Jaws & Great White (Corn) Fish Tacos

Easy fish tacos with chile sauce

When it came to my turn for a movie in the #blogfilmfood series, I had issues. Mostly our movies had been about or easily related to foods. The top two choices that came to MY mind? Mean Girls and Jaws. While a hump-day snack or homemade Kalteen bars would be great ideas, I wrote the girls and asked if they would think I was totally insane for wanting to do Jaws. It's not the kind of movie you want to eat while watching, if you know what I mean.  This group of ladies gets me, even if Jaws … Read More

[Almost Healthy] Hatch Chile Dip

Made with neufchatel cheese and greek yogurt, this is an almost healthy (and definitely delicious!) dip!

Sick of me talking about Hatch Chiles yet? Don't worry, they'll be gone soon. But you can still adapt this recipe and my Hatch Chile Salsa recipe with Poblanos or Anaheims. This Hatch Chile Dip kills me. And it's a little healthier than the normal dips you'll find at all the big games. You need at least something slightly healthier to balance out all the other things you're eating while watching your team. Using Neufchatel Cheese (like cream cheese but with fewer calories and fat and MORE … Read More