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Why You Need a Momtra

momtra featured

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the rut of surviving? Perhaps barely surviving? Are you just trying to get through the day? While the tagline of my blog is an eclectic celebration of chaos, most days feel more like I’m being engulfed in it. I have two small ones who need high…

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Give Your Dog Special TREATment


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #NudgeThemBack #CollectiveBias Groan. What a pun, right? But seriously, today I’m talking dog treatment and dog TREATS. With four kids, it can be easy to neglect our first child, Tex! But we have found ways to incorporate the…

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10 FAST Dinner Hacks

dinner hacks featured

  You’re probably a better person than me. You NEVER hit 4:30pm and suddenly go, “Oh, yeah: DINNER.” So this post probably will not be helpful to you. Consider it a personal note to myself that I’m putting on this blog. For me. Because almost every day this year it’s been “Oh, yeah: DINNER,” sometimes even…

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Candied Hormel Pepperoni Cupcakes

Want to have a surprising and delicious treat for your next party? Candied Hormel Pepperoni Cupcakes with molasses cake and a light whipped cream.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PepItUp #CollectiveBias I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of bacon stealing the spotlight. Bacon this, bacon that. Where is pepperoni in all this? Let’s get pepperoni in the spotlight. You can start with these Candied Hormel…

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25 MORE Boredom Busters from the Dollar Store!

25 MORE boredom busters featured

In case you missed it, just before last summer hit I created the first 25 Boredom Busters from the Dollar Store. It’s a sundry list of activities for kids to bust up those summer doldrums with your kids. My oldest is 7 years old and my youngest not quite a year, so my mind is a…

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Help a Mother in Need This Mother’s Day!

Kangu, helping crowd fund safe births around the world

I was blown away a few months ago when a few of you gathered your support together to help provide a safe birth for Deborah. I LOVED getting the email in the mail a few weeks later where I saw Deborah with a happy and healthy baby! I can’t IMAGINE giving birth without support— LOTS…

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Faith & God

Turning a Bad News Story into Good

Last week I felt grieved by the news. This is not uncommon and is why I often prefer to ignore the headlines—as though my ignorance somehow cancels out the stories. What often adds to the weight is the public frenzy: the hateful posts and editorials, the name-calling in comments sections, and even the capitalizing on…

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Pulling in the Anchor- I’m Guest Posting!

boat featured

Did you know that I am afraid of heights? But I love climbing trees. Did you know that I’m afraid of drowning and of open water, but love the ocean?  Today I am guest posting over at the Mudroom and sharing why, despite our fears, we should head out to open sea. Here is a little excerpt…

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When Your Creativity Goes Dark

Create If Writing is a podcast for writers and creatives dealing with the passion and practice of making good art.

My freshman year of college I almost drove my roommate nuts. Ginny (who is still my best friend) had to put up with my late (LATE!) hours, constant songs on repeat (so sorry about the “I’m Kissing You” phase!!), and my bizarre creative notions.  Example. One particular day we overheard the RAs talking about how…

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Read Me! Read Me!

A short story about two boys and a dare that might change their friendship and lives.

If you subscribe to my weekly email, you know that I went to a writing conference called Re:Write last month and it rocked my world. (If you don’t know this, you should probably subscribe to my weekly email. It’s not spammy.) I walked into the conference feeling all jaded and unsure why I had come,…

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Roller Derby

De-Funk Your Derby Gear!

Two-step process to get the stink out of your roller derby gear.

Ever wondered the best way to clean your roller derby gear? (Or your other athletic equipment like yoga mats?) Over the years I’ve tried a number of different ways to clean my roller derby gear and especially my pads, which can stink and also collect bacteria like staph. Some girls wash their derby gear in…

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Behind the Scenes at Roller Derby


This weekend marked the 2014 Houston Roller Derby championship bout. I played in two championships, called lineups in two, and have now coached two. There is nothing quite like the feverish excitement and the fervent drive to bring home that trophy. And there is also nothing quite like losing and watching that trophy go to…

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