Snag My Easter Devotional Books!

Easter Devotional Books

***The free promotion on Amazon ended March 1, but the Kindle version is now only $2.99 and the PDF journal is still free on Noise Trade!*** I am fighting off two little girls who are trying to put their feet on the keyboard, so this will be short. Do you like free books? ME TOO!! This week I'm giving away a free. I have two different versions of my Easter devotional, Consider the Cross. If you are interested in Easter devotional books or Lent and want to know what it's all about or get a … Read More

Creative Tension or Creative Frustration?

Every artist and writer will face frustrations. Consider it creative tension and learn to embrace it to grow as an artist.

This weekend I got to spent two whole days in a big room full of weirdos. IT WAS AMAZING. Every person is a little weird I think, which is to say unique. Writers are our own brand of weird and we are not all weird in the same way. So a writing conference like Re:Write was like a concentration of weird on weird steroids. Can I say again: IT WAS AMAZING. (To read some of my first thoughts, check out my weekly email. You should probably also subscribe, weirdo.) One of the things that stuck with … Read More

Healthy Snacks for Diets

I am almost midway through my time with Nutrisystem! I have lost 15-18 pounds (depending on the day, which is really annoying) and am in a plateau-ing period. As in, I want to be further along than I am, but also keep having events that make it hard to be strict with what I'm eating. But I'm in it to win it! And I bought a new size of pants this week: that's two sizes down. BOOM. Which brings me to snacks. What do you do when you want a snack? I like what's easy and what keeps me full. That … Read More

Stupid Simple: Low Carb Breakfast Recipe

Low carb breakfast recipe: put ham in a muffin tin, crack an egg inside, and top with cheese. Easy and delicious!

Ready for a super easy, stupid simple low carb breakfast recipe? Me too. Something happened in my first pregnancy that changed my life forever: I started eating protein for breakfast. Since my teenage years, I had sort of given up on breakfast or else eaten carb-heavy breakfasts that left me hungry an hour later. Usually I skipped breakfast altogether and ate my first meal about 1pm. When I was pregnant, skipping meals made me nauseated. I HAD to eat. And what I ate mattered more than ever. I … Read More

Providing Safe Births Through Kangu


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central and Kangu. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation, but all opinions are my own! This is a cause near and dear to my heart and I'm so happy to post about it! Nothing can prepare you for birth. Not a book, not a class, not a birth plan, not a supportive family. I've had four babies and no two births were the same.  None went as planned and all involved at least one moment that was nothing … Read More

This Week in Beauty

beauty 3 feb 21

This week, like every week, has had moments of beauty. Sometimes sandwiched in between moments of frustration or difficulty because that is MOM LIFE. I'm becoming more convinced every day that this is what I have to look forward to: sunny days punctuated by sudden tornadoes that may depart as soon as they came or linger for hours, blocking out the sun. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful. (Scroll down to link up with the #pinsoftheweekparty!) And please do excuse all the food on my kids' … Read More

When You Fall Off the Wagon

This photo has nothing to do with dieting.

With every diet comes that inevitable moment wherein you take a tiny sleep or a giant nosedive off the wagon. Off (and on) the wagon is a phrase that came from the prohibition era, though I didn't quite understand the explanation I read online. But in short: falling off the wagon on a diet means that you stop doing your diet. Sometimes you don't fall off the wagon, but simply plateau. Or WANT to give up. That's where I am right now after a month on Nutrisystem, so I'm going to give you … Read More

I Scream for Ice Cream

ice cream set

Valentines Day looked a little like this: a pacifier in my cookie icing. Whoops. Every year, Lynn made everyone in the family a single iced cookie with his or her name on it. Clearly this is something we all missed because I think three or four different families made iced cookies. I made my tried and true recipe (though Rob likes his mom's better) but didn't let the icing dry and so had some runny names. Well. On the cookies withOUT pacifiers in them, that is. So, really, a runny name is not so … Read More

Change the Story with the Compassion Experience

compassion experience 3

The sound of men exiting the bar grows louder on the other side of the thin walls. A chair angled under the doorknob holds the door fast, but if one of the men really wanted to get in, the chair would do little. Voices fade, leaving the night sounds of insects and other low, murmuring voices from huts like this one. Stars wink through holes in the tin roof---beautiful on a clear night. But during the rainy season, those same holes let in rain that turn the floor into thick mud. Muddy shoes, … Read More

Pins of the Week Party #12


This week is Rob's birthday! But since he worked on his birth day, we went out for Bingo the night before (which was super fun) and then tonight he will have his normal guy's night. Thursday night used to be derby night for me. But now that I've quit derby (which you would know if you get my weekly email!), I'm trying to figure out how to fill the space. Good thing I like food and DIY and Pinterest is full of ideas. Right? This week I need to make Valentines cookies and some fun snacks since … Read More