Snag My Easter Devotional Books!

Easter Devotional Books

***The free promotion on Amazon ended March 1, but the Kindle version is now only $2.99 and the PDF journal is still free on Noise Trade!*** I am fighting off two little girls who are trying to put their feet on the keyboard, so this will be short. Do you like free books? ME TOO!! This week I'm giving away a free. I have two different versions of my Easter devotional, Consider the Cross. If you are interested in Easter devotional books or Lent and want to know what it's all about or get a … Read More

The Riptide of Parenting

  Lately, I've been posting some lovely photos of my kids. Who am I kidding!? My kids are always lovely. (At least to me.) But I love these pictures that I've shared on Instagram. Like all these. But there is something important for you to know. I don't post these because I think my kids are amazing or because I think I'm an amazing mom.        Let's get real for a moment. I love these photos because they are close up, down on the … Read More

The Reality of Post Baby Weight Loss

Celebrate what your body can do, not simply what it looks like!

Today I wore a dress that I haven’t worn in almost two years. It felt good--- the distantly familiar fabric against my skin and the swing of its hem against my knees. I ALMOST didn’t wear Spanx underneath (but in the end, I did). I've lost 20+ pounds from my starting weight with Nutrisystem and I am seeing the light. I am packing up clothes in boxes that I will only need if we decide to have another kid ever. I am unpacking clothes that smell a little musty because they have not been worn in … Read More

If Your Post Goes Viral, Are You Ready?

How to Prepare Your Blog for a Viral Post

Today I'm tackling this topic: how to prepare your blog for a viral post. I've been doing a lot of nerdy blog stuff lately. Thinking about blogs and looking at blogs and talking with people about their blogs and platforms and social media strategy. Confession: I kind of love this stuff. I find it fascinating and fun and I totally bored Rob to death this week at our anniversary dinner talking about it. The internet loves to talk about "viral" blog posts. Some people take this to mean … Read More

Sickness by Association

sickness by association

I am lying on the floor of the living room, on a blanket that is on a sheet that is on a rug. Such are the precautions you take when your 3-year-old has the stomach flu. I am spooned up against his feverishly warm back, but not too close: “You’re making me hot, Mommy.”   I have prayed to stay well—stomach bugs and pregnancy don’t get along. I have washed my hands and taken vitamins. But I cannot help snuggling right down with him, skin to skin. At night, his hot breath, smelling of … Read More

Perfectly Portioned

nutrisystem #ad #NSNation

Two more pounds lost! Which is a good thing since my goal is to hit 10 more pounds before the end of my time on Nutristystem (which is almost up!). One thing I noticed tonight when looking through my stocked freezer is that the boxed meals say "Perfectly Portioned for Weight Loss." Are they perfection portioned? People have asked me if I'm still hungry on Nutrisystem. My answer? Sometimes.  But in those times, I have the freedom to eat Smart Carbs and Power Fuels. That means snacks like … Read More

Read Me! Read Me!

A short story about two boys and a dare that might change their friendship and lives.

If you subscribe to my weekly email, you know that I went to a writing conference called Re:Write last month and it rocked my world. (If you don't know this, you should probably subscribe to my weekly email. It's not spammy.) I walked into the conference feeling all jaded and unsure why I had come, thinking maybe God was going to have me quit writing. Whether that was temporary or for a longer period.  You see, things have been hard around here. And weird. We lost Rob's mom and that is … Read More

Quin Log: Month 8

caged quin

Quin Log: Month 8  Feeling: Contemplative My mother was going to write this update. But seeing as how she thought I was 7 months old, not 8 months old, I decided to take over. How could she forget how old I am? One month is 1/8 of my life. One month ago I didn't know how to pull up on furniture! One month ago I hadn't learned that I could wave (even if I still can't figure out how to do it when I want)! One month ago you could barely see my bottom teeth! All of these details may seem … Read More

Two-Ingredient Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

Need an effective diaper cream? Two ingredients! Make it at home.

Every one of my kids has been different in almost every way. I find myself throwing out the playbook with each new kid. I find maybe a little overlap, but often I try what worked before, try something a friend recommends, try what a book recommends, try the internet, and then maybe try a glass of wine. (For me, not the kids.) When it comes to diaper rash, the boys really didn't have any issues. We cloth diapered more with the two of them and they didn't seem to have very sensitive skin. The … Read More

Teaching Kids Pet Safety with Our #ProPlanPet

Pro Plan 2

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ProPlanPet #CollectiveBias Before we had kids, we had Tex. Our first child, albeit a canine one. He went EVERYWHERE with us, from road trips to trips to the grocery store, where he would sit up front waiting for me to return with a treat. Life has certainly changed with the addition of four kids (without tails, in case you were wondering), but Tex still has a central place in our lives and … Read More

Let’s Do This! Last Month of Nutrisystem.

nutrisystem 2

I got a little sad when my shipment of Nutrisystem came this week. Because it's my LAST shipment. This is my last four weeks on the program, which is hard to believe. When I started out, three months sounded like SUCH a long time. How will I ever survive three months without wine? Pizza? Chocolate?? Well. Let's be honest: Month 1 I survived without wine, but I got to have pizza AND chocolate through my meal plan. But Month 2...I got a little sidetracked. I still lost a few pounds, but nothing … Read More